How Aniket Made a Switch From Mainframe to Big Data – Explore His Journey

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“If you wish a bright future ahead, upgrade your skills and shift your career from mainframe to Big Data before its too late.” – Says Aniket

Are you still working in Mainframe?

If yes then I might say, it's time to get a shift! Below is your WHY factor defined properly with a success story of Aniket who made his shift in Big Data on time.

Aniket, who worked in mainframe for 2 years recently switched his career to Big Data. Now, he is a Big Data Developer in a well-known company with a hike of 33% in his salary.

Why Aniket Decided to Switch his Career?

Like every IT company, Aniket's company was moving from mainframe to Big Data and hiring skilled Big Data professionals. This made Aniket alert that the company can fire the mainframe developers anytime. He noticed that Big Data is in high demand and each and every company is hiring the skilled Big data professionals and are even ready to pay high salaries to them. Aniket then decided to switch in Big Data rather than wasting his precious time and efforts in an obsolete field like mainframe where there is almost no future growth.

Hear it from Aniket -

When my company was moving to Big Data and hiring Big Data professionals, I felt a need to upgrade my skills to get myself placed in Big Data before my company fires me. Also, from many of my seniors, I heard that mainframe has become an obsolete technology and there is no growth in this. This gave me another indication that I should switch now, and the best I found for me or for any Mainframe developer is Big Data. Big Data is the most in-demand and cutting-edge technology and will last for decades. Also, Big Data has a continuous career growth and higher salaries. After knowing all these factors, I decided to take a switch to Big Data and now I have a bright career ahead.

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What did Aniket do to Switch His Career in Big Data?

For taking a switch, Aniket needed to learn Big Data. He researched a lot for the best institutes, mentors who can teach him Big data in-depth. After thorough research, he approached to DataFlair, asked all his queries and then after getting the desired satisfaction Aniket enrolled for Big Data Hadoop and Spark Training Course. Here he learned a lot about Big Data, practiced the concepts with assignments and grabbed hands-on experience.

What Aniket says -

After enrolling for the World's best Big Data Hadoop and Spark Course my learning started. I got the best mentor ever who has enriched knowledge of Big Data and the industry. He used to explain all the concepts with real-life examples and after the completion of each topic, I was assigned with small assessments that really helped me to learn Big Data so quickly and easily. Not only this, after the completion of the theoretical part, I did 2 projects under the guidance of my mentor. These projects boost my confidence to crack any upcoming interview. Then I applied for different companies and got placed with a good hike in my salary.

Aniket's Big Data Interview Experience

He had 2 rounds of technical interviews, in the first round they asked theoretical questions related to HDFS, Spark, Hadoop, and MapReduce. The interviewers also asked questions related to his project. In the second round, they focussed on practicals from MapReduce and Hive queries.

-he says

After the completion of my training I started preparing for interviews. For this, I watched the recorded videos given by DataFlair, that helped me to revise all the concepts. Also, I read the interview experiences of many big data professionals. At last, a big thanks to DataFlair for preparing me for this level that I am able to crack any Big Data Interview.

Advice for Others

My only advice will be for Mainframe professionals who are still working in it.  Learn Big Data and upgrade yourself with the latest technology before your company fires you or you become useless to them. Trust me, for learning Big Data, you will not get anything better than DataFlair.

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