When Big Data came into my life – a success story by Angela

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“A big thanks to DataFlair for securing my career with a great job – says Angela Binoy.”

“Are you GOOD with numbers?”

“Fascinated by data?”

The sound you heard is the career opportunity knocking at your door.
Grab it, before it goes. But how?

Let us know how Angela grabbed and gained from it when she got the same opportunity.

After learning big data from DataFlair I got the post of a senior Big Data Consultant at Icon Resources and Technologies with corporate experience of more than 3 years. I am really fond of data and love to speak about its greatness in the current economy. The reason being, my forever love to play with numbers and my interest in data.

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Why Angela chose Big Data

Data has become Big Data and is crazily changing the world. Data is present in extremely high volumes and speeds which bring a need of professionals who are pro at dealing with it. Big Data Analytics is always required to provide the story behind the numbers, facts, and figures generated from raw data. Therefore, organizations have an increasing demand for hiring such professionals.

However, no companies hire reporting squirrels. Everyone hires what they believe are Analysis Ninjas. Reporting squirrels spend 75% or more of their time in data production activities. Analysis Ninjas spend 75% or more of their time in the analysis that delivers actionable insights.

Therefore, I chose to become a Ninja and have Big Data in my future career.

Previously, I was working as a Software Engineer at Vistaar Systems Pvt. Ltd. After working there for a long time, I realized that I can’t give my best to the work that doesn’t excite me.

I decided to move ahead with Big Data as it is a leading trend for the future.

How she learned about DataFlair

Along with the technologies I was already working on, it was mandatory to learn a few Big Data technology to get my preferred job.

So I decided to go for Hadoop which has a great demand in the industries today.

Hadoop has become the heart of Big Data and has a vast scope in the future. After knowing that IT professionals with Hadoop skills will be benefitted with increased salary packages and accelerated career growth.

So, without wasting a day, I confirmed an institute from where I can get a full-fledged Hadoop training by the experts. DataFlair, the training institute has big data courses from which I opted ‘Big Data, Hadoop, and Spark’.
Right from my enrollment to the completion of my training I got 100% support from DataFlair.

They have experienced and highly knowledgeable trainers who help the candidate until the end of their journey. The training sessions were full of practical examples that were really helpful to understand the course deeply.

During the training, I was given various assignments and projects which enhanced my knowledge in the subjects. Along with this, they provide mock interview sessions and quizzes which is the best part about DataFlair for checking our knowledge and to understand how we need to appear in interviews.

Interview Experience

Soon after the training, I planned to appear for the interviews.

At the time of the interview, many questions were put in front of me in both the rounds. The first round was focused on complex problem solving and tricky puzzles. Then in the second round, they asked me about my experiences and learnings after solving the big data project.

Overall, I gave my best in the interview as guided by my trainer in the DataFlair.

Later, the dedication and hard work I had put gave positive results.

I got selected in as a Big Data Consultant with a 40% hike in the salary.

I got what I had worked for and this was much more than satisfactory.

The hands involved behind my success were my trainer and DataFlair. I am extremely thankful for the amazing training they provide along with hundreds of useful things on the website.

Advice to others

So this is how Big Data can give you growth, success, your dream job, high salary, and incentives.

If Big Data is the future, we must play an effective role in shaping our own future with it. Therefore, I would like to suggest to all the candidates who wish to start their careers in Big Data. Join an expertise training institute. DataFlair is best according to me.

  • Start with learning the concepts clearly
  • Know what is Big Data and its Technologies
  • Train yourself in Hadoop, Spark, Scala, MapReduce, etc. to get a higher position in your job. Start with Big Data, Hadoop and Spark Course.
  • Make maximum use of quizzes and mock interview questions.

In the end, a big thanks to DataFlair for taking me to one of the biggest opportunities and securing my career with a great job.

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