Amit Jain – Cracked 15 Interviews in One Go

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Amit Jain Success Story
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“Nobody can reject youSays Amit”

Let’s see how he cracked 15 interviews and shifted his career from Java to Big Data

Ever felt something is stopping you?

Ever thought you can do much more than what you are currently doing?

If you have had such thoughts or feelings, then you can relate to the success story of Amit.

Amit's Background -

Amit is from Jaipur and is a B.Tech graduate. He started his career as a Java developer and wanted to switch from Java to Big Data. Something was stopping him from doing so.

I wanted to shift my career from Java to Big Data. I noticed a good growth in Big Data technology, and also knew I could do much more than be a Java developer. The thing that continuously pulled me back was the lack of proper guidance.  Then, I decided to take a step and move toward the dream.

- says Amit Jain

Amit immediately took action; he started talking to different people and researched on social platforms and search engines to find out the best career guide in Big Data. Through a referral, Amit reached DataFlair. After clearing his doubts through conversation, he enrolled himself into the certified Big Data Hadoop and Spark training course of DataFlair and started his journey with us.

Why did Amit enroll for Big Data?

Amit was looking for a job in Big Data. The things that motivated him for taking the online Big Data Hadoop training from DataFlair were- real-time Big Data projects, lifetime access to the course, and the mock interview. That could help him get a good job.

From Java Developer to Big Data Lead

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Amit was a fresher to the Big Data industry; he had no knowledge of this technology. Now, after taking this course from DataFlair, he is a lead in Big Data. He cracked 15 interviews in one go.

Amit explains - 

As I was a fresher in Big Data, I needed a perfect guide to get a job. At DataFlair, I found the ideal mentor. He is the best person for providing guidance. He is really hardworking and sincere in his efforts. Whenever I had a doubt, he always tried to solve it through real examples, and in the best possible manner. Having a clear understanding of all the basics is a must for cracking interviews as it shows a good knowledge of the particular field.

Amit was prepared for the interview through the mock interview series and other practices.

What does Amit say about his interview preparations -

The instructor helped me a lot in reaching where I am. I worked on live projects and attended the mock interview session. The trainer tested my knowledge with lots of questions. I had cleared all my doubts this way with the help of DataFlair support and interview guidance. I have cleared 15 interviews that are of Capgemini, Wipro, Sapient, Expedia, UnitedHealth Group, HCL, NIIT, Mphasis, and many more. 

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Big Data Interview Questions that Changed his Life

I would like to share some interview questions. The answers to these questions can impress any interviewer -

Q.1 Why Spark? What extra does it bring to the table as compared to MapReduce?

Q.2 As compared to Hadoop, how is Spark easy to use?

Q.3 What is DAG in Spark?

Q.4 How is fault tolerance achieved in Spark?

Q.5 What if one of my RDD partitions is corrupted/lost? Will I still be able to recover data? How?

Q.6 What is the cluster size in your organization?

Q.7 What is the configuration? - Executors, Executor memory, which cluster manager etc. and follow up questions

Q.8 Why is a Spark job executed only when an action is triggered and why not on transformation?

Q.9 What extra feature has been brought in Spark 2.0 and what is each one for?

Q.10 Spark real work scenario and then how to go forward, steps and follow up questions

Interview tips from Amit -

Tip 1 - Be very very careful while answering these questions. Give your own real examples from your own working experience, that will be helpful.

Tip 2 - If the interviewer is asking "why", then he is expecting that you have the understanding of the complete topic.

Words for other aspirants

Motivate yourself. If I can do it and crack these many interviews, then all of you have the capability to do this. The only thing you need is proper guidance. Don't be discouraged. Always keep a positive attitude, just do what you are doing well. Nobody can reject you.

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