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Common Linux Commands with Examples – Part 6

1. Objective This Linux commands tutorial will provide you with Common Linux commands List that will help you in gaining further Linux programming knowledge. You will learn Linux commands like gunzip, bunzip2, tar, uniq, set, unset, uname, df, du and touch in this section. For more commands, go through Linux commands part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4 and part 5. 2. Common Linux Commands 2.1. gunzip a. Usage: $ gunzip file.gz This command unzips the zip file 2.2. […]

Common Linux Commands

Important linux commands

Important Linux commands with syntax – Part 5

1. Objective In this tutorial, you will learn important Linux commands that are required to become Linux expert and would help you in learning Linux programming. These are some of the top Linux commands with syntax and examples. You have already seen basic commands in Linux commands Part 1 and Linux commands Part 2. Commands on Linux Part 3 and Linux commands for programming Part 4 covered some advanced commands. This linux tutorial covers commands like history, sudo, clear, su, […]