How to make available Hive data to use?

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      if you loaded data in hive how you maintain its meta data and user or client dont know about hive then how you make them abailable ,
      how you present your data like every time client have to reach out to developer for data?

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      DataFlair Team

      The metastore is a central repository of Hive metadata. Hive metadata includes various types of information like structure of tables and the partitions along with the column, column type, etc.The metastore comprises of two fundamental units:
      • A service that provides metastore access to other Hive services.
      • Backing store for the data other than HDFS storage.
      The client can access the metastore by using remote metastore configuration.In remote metastore, all Hive Clients will make a connection to a metastore server (MySQL or PostgreSQL or Oracle) which in turn queries the datastore. The metastore service runs on its own separate JVM and not in the Hive service JVM.
      The hive service is configured to use a remote metastore by setting hive.metastore.local to false and hive.metastore.uris to the metastore server URI.
      The main advantage of using remote metastore is you do not need to share JDBC login credentials with each Hive user to access the metastore database.

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