Samiyullah Basheer Ahamed

I was sceptical at first on taking an online course. But after attending the training with Data flair I should say, I am very pleased. The details provided by Anish sir was clear, and lucid. The trainer has vast industry experience and ensures the students understood the topic before proceeding to the next. This definitely helps bring clarity to the students. The small batch size allowed the trainer to pay attention to everyone individually on their queries. This was a definite plus for me.As a beginner there may be simple doubts that might be repetitive, but Anish was very patient to answer all the queries. Also he provided a lot real world examples, that helped in correlating the training with actual industry demand. The lifetime access to course along with course upgradation when something new comes up is a very big plus point of Hadoop course from DataFlair when compared to others.

Samiyullah big data hadoop training course feedback review
Samiyullah Basheer Ahamed
Senior Software Engineer at Accenture
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