Nitin Raichandani

When I started this training I was not having any knowledge about Hadoop or Java. I am altogether from a non-programming side. The complementary Java course of Dataflair helped me a lot in gaining good understanding of Java concepts. And further after this online training Anish Sir has brought us to a all together different upward scale. Thank You Anish Sir !! Course content was indeed very good and I would say there was lot of thought process involved inside the course material as it tried to touch all the concepts of topic it covered. As lot of effort has been put on material I would like to highlight one example (very good pictorial representation was there how data is travelling in cluster etc) heads off to Anish Sir & Dataflair Team. I have no word to Thanks Anish Sir !!


He is simply awesome. Students like me keeps on asking all stupid questions through out the session, and to my surprise he never gets irritated by our dump questions instead he provide us a little hint and further direct us to path where we can find our answers. I very well know he do it deliberately so that we don’t just depend on him instead learn to do some research and become self capable. Thank You Anish Sir for same.


He always encourages us to work hard and always challenges our limits, so that we keep on growing. His accent, his tone, his way of teaching is incomparable. Its simply amazing. If in future I get a job in Big Data he will be the first person I will be calling and letting him know. 🙂


At last I will say I am really missing those morning online training session with Anish Sir. Yes I did achieve my purpose of joining the training that is to learn Hadoop, but still I have way to go to ultimately get job in Big Data for which I my working hard. HDFS & Map reduce which is base was really covered in a great detail, which is strength of this training & should always be there.


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Nitin Raichandani
Sr. Technical Consultant at Teradata India Pvt. Ltd.
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