Gaurav Lagad

I was a bit afraid when I was about to enroll my name for Big data Hadoop online training. But all my expectations were fulfilled, in fact I am finishing off this course with great satisfaction and I definitely think that I have achieved the purpose of joining. Moreover I think that this course and the knowledge will help me a lot in the future.
I feel very good and a feeling of satisfaction after the course has completed. I feel privileged enough to have learn such big and interesting concepts so early. The course content is fabulous. It covers all the details of the course. We are also provided with the videos of the recorded sessions and documents for our future references which help us even more. The trainer is the best person. He has extensive knowledge in the field. It is not possible that he is unable to answer any of our questions. He makes it a point that all the queries are cleared before we move on to the next topic. I have never ever seen such a knowledgeable person in my life.He also gives us assignment on regular basis to help us improve ourselves and help increases our knowledge.


gaurav big data training review
Gaurav lagad
Software Engineer, Amazon India
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