Certified Apache Flink Training Course

Certified Apache Flink online training course

Certified Apache Flink Online Training course from DataFlair is developed by Big Data experts to facilitate you with theoretical and practical knowledge for distributed stream and batch data processing system of Apache Flink – The Next Gen Big Data Analytics Framework.

30+ Hrs of instructor-led sessions
100+ Hrs of practicals & assignments
5 Real-time big data projects
Lifetime access to course with support
Job oriented course with job assistance

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About Online Apache Flink Training

The online training on Apache Flink will provide indepth theoretical and hands on practical skills on Apache Flink to make you industry ready for executing batch and stream processing programs. It will cover concepts like Introduction to Apache Flink for Spark Developer, Apache Flink features, Flink architecture and installation on single node and cluster, Flink Stack, Flink APIs and libraries, deploying Flink on YARN, Kafka and Hadoop, real time Apache Flink use cases and Apache Flink examples along with companies using Apache Flink and many more to help you learn Apache Flink concepts from basic to advanced level covering the latest version for Apache Flink certifications.

Learn Apache Flink and become Flink expert by learning core techniques, best practices and hands-on working knowledge of Flink along with its eco-system like Batch and Streaming APIs, Table-APIs, Flink-ML, Gelly through Apache Flink Tutorial. For extensive hands-on practicals the training is associated with multiple workshops with each and every topic. The online Flink training course also covers real-life Apache Flink use cases, multiple Flink POCs with live data and a live Apache Flink project, to make you understand Fast Big Data: Apache Flink vs Apache Spark for Streaming Data.


Objectives of Apache Flink Online Training

  1. Become adept in latest Big Data technology – ‘Apache Flink’ and be future ready
  2. Master core concepts of Apache Flink internals
  3. Learn Data Streaming Architecture with Apache Flink
  4. Learn how to handle diverse workload with Apache Flink
  5. Setup of multi-node Flink cluster on cloud
  6. Gain in depth knowledge on Flink Stack
  7. Grasp fundamental concepts of Flink Libraries and APIs
  8. Learn development of real-time streaming Flink applications
  9. Handle structured data using Table-API
  10. Perform advanced analytics using Flink ML – Flink Machine learning Example
  11. Process graph at scala using Gelly – Flink Graph API
  12. Complex Event Processing using Apache Flink – Flink CEP
  13. Integrate with different Big Data systems
  14. Work on real-time Flink Project

Prerequisites for learning Apache Flink

To learn Apache Flink, Knowledge of core java will be helpful but it is not mandatory. Java course will be provided as the complimentary course with this Flink training.

Why you should learn Apache Flink

Flink Salary
Average salary of Apache Flink Developers is $135k -Indeed

Shortage of Flink talent
There will be a shortage of 1.5M Big Data experts by 2018 -McKinsey

flink market trends
Flink market will reach $99B by 2022 at the CAGR of 42% -Forbes

Flink company Priority
More than 77% of organizations consider Flink a top priority -Peer Research

What you will get from this Apache Flink Course

live online instructor-led Flink training
30+ hrs of live online instructor-led sessions by industry veterans

Flink certification
Industry renowned Flink certification to give boost to your resume

practicals, workshops, labs and assignments
100+ hrs of Flink practicals, workshops, labs and assignments

flink career discussion
Personalized one to one career discussion directly with the trainer

Real life case studies and live Flink project
Real life Flink case studies and live project to solve real problem

resume preparation and Flink interviews
Mock interviews & resume preparation to excel in the interviews

Lifetime access to Flink Course
Lifetime access to Flink course, and materials like ppts, manuals, practical & labs code

job assistance
Premium job assistance and support to take ahead your Apache Flink career

Flink discussion forum
Coach supported discussion forum for query resolution

course auto upgradation
Auto Upgradation of the course and study material in the LMS to latest versions

Who should go for Flink training

Professionals who are looking to make their career in latest and fastest Big Data technology Apache Flink should go for this course.

  1. Software developers, leads and project managers who would like to include Flink in their profile
  2. ETL developers, Analytics professionals and Architects
  3. Big Data professionals willing to accelerate their career as Flink developer
Highly experienced instructors
1 to 1 interaction with the instructor
5 Real time Apache Flink projects
100% Job assistance and support
Lifetime access to the course

Apache Flink Course Curriculum

1. Demystify Scala
  1. Introduction to Scala
  2. Setup, Installation and configuration of Scala
  3. Develop and execute Scala Programs
  4. Scala operators and features
  5. Different Functions, procedures and Anonymous functions
  6. Deep dive into Scala APIs
  7. Collections Array, Map, Lists, Tuples and Loops
  8. Advanced operations - Pattern matching
  9. Eclipse IDE with Scala
2. Object Oriented and Functional Programming
  1. Object oriented programming
  2. Oops concepts
  3. Constructor, getter, setter, singleton, overloading and overriding
  4. Type Inference, Implicit Parameters, Closures
  5. Lists, Maps and Map Operations
  6. Nested Classes, Visibility Rules
  7. Functional Structures
  8. Functional programming constructs
3. Introduction to Apache Flink
  1. Learn What and why Apache Flink
  2. Understand Features of Apache Flink
  3. Apache Flink architecture and Flink design principles
  4. Work of master process - JobManager
  5. Role of worker process - TaskManager
  6. Workers, Slots and Resources
  7. Overview of Apache Flink APIs
  8. Understand difference between Apache Spark and Apache Flink to learn Flink vs Spark.
4. Master Flink Stack
  1. Distributed Streaming DataFlow at Runtime with Flink
  2. Apache Flink APIs
  3. Apache Flink Libraries
  4. Data Flow in Apache Flink
  5. Fault tolerance in Apache Flink
5. Setup and Installation of single node Flink
  1. Setup of Apache Flink environment and pre-requisites
  2. Installation and configuration of Flink on single node
  3. Troubleshooting the encountered problems
6. Setup and Installation of multi node Flink cluster and Cloud
  1. Setup environment on Cloud
  2. Install pre-requisites on all nodes
  3. Deploy Apache Flink on cluster and Cloud
  4. Play with Flink in cluster mode
7. Master DataStream API for Unbounded Streams
  1. Introduction to Flink DataStream API
  2. Different DataStream Transformations in Flink
  3. Various Data Sources - File based, Socket based, Collection based, Custom
  4. Responsibility of Data Sink in Apache Flink
  5. Iterations in DataStream APIs
  6. DataStream Execution Parameters - Fault tolerance, Controlling Latency
8. Learn Flink DataSet APIs for Static Data
  1. Overview of DataSet APIs in Flink
  2. Various DataSet Transformations in Flink
  3. Different Data Sources - File based, Collection based, Generic
  4. Responsibility of Data Sink in Flink DataSet APIs
  5. Iteration Operators in DataSet APIs
  6. Operating on Data Objects in Functions - Object Reuse Disabled/Enabled
9. Play with Flink Table APIs and SQL Beta
  1. Registering Tables in Flink
  2. Table Access and various Table API operators in Flink
  3. SQL on batch tables and Streaming Tables
  4. Writing Flink Tables to external sinks
10. Apache Flink Libraries
  1. Overview of Flink Libraries
  2. Flink CEP - Complex Event Processing library
  3. Apache Flink Machine Learning library
  4. Apache Flink Gelly -Graph processing API and Library
11. Flink Integration with other Big data tools
  1. Integrate Flink with Hadoop
  2. Process existing HDFS data with Flink
  3. Yarn and Flink integration
  4. Flink Data Streaming with Kafka
  5. Consume data in real time from Kafka
12. Programming in Flink
  1. Parallel Data Flow in Flink
  2. Develop complex Streaming applications in Flink
  3. Handle Batch processing in Flink using DataSet APIs
  4. Troubleshooting and Debugging Flink Programs
  5. Best Practices of development in Flink
  6. Real time Apache Flink Project

Apache Flink Projects


Web Analytics

Weblogs are web server logs, where web servers like apache records all the events along with remote-IP, time-stamp, requested-resource, referral, user-agent, etc. The objective is to analyze the weblogs and generate insights like user navigation pattern, top referral sites, highest/lowest traffic-time, etc.



Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis is the analysis of people’s opinions, sentiments, evaluations, appraisals, attitudes and emotions in relation to entities like individuals, products, events, services, organizations and topics by classifying the expressions as negative / positive opinions



Crime Analysis

Analyze the US crime data and find most crime-prone area along with crime time and its type. The objective is to analyze the crime data and generate crime patterns like time, district, crime-type, latitude, longitude, etc. So that additional security measures can be taken in crime prone area.



IVR Data Analysis

Analyze IVR (Interactive Voice Response) data and generate various insights. The IVR call records are analyzed to optimize to IVR system so that maximum calls are completed at IVR and there will be minimum need for Call-center.



Titanic Data Analysis

Titanic was one of the biggest disasters in the history of mankind, which happened due to natural events and human mistakes. The objective is to analyze Titanic data sets and generate various insights related to age, gender, survived, class, emabrked, etc.



Amazon Data Analysis

Amazon data-sets contains user-reviews of different products, services, star-ratings, etc. The objective of the project is to analyze the users’ review data, companies can analyze the sentiments of the users regarding their products and use it for betterment of the same.


Course Plans

Self-Paced Pro Course
Rs. 7990 | $145

Video Based

Yes, in recordings & in LMS




Through discussion forum

Yes, with lifetime access

Yes, post course completion





Express Learning

Live Instructor-Led Course
Rs. 13990 | $254

Live Online with Trainer

Yes, live with instructor & in LMS




Yes, regular sessions

Yes, with lifetime access

Yes, post course completion



100% interactive classes

Yes, from instructor

Job readiness

Job Grooming

On completion of Apache Flink training course, DataFlair’s job grooming program will help you in resume building and interview preparation. Mock interviews and resume referrals will make you job ready to excel in the interviews.

resume building
Resume Building

Build a favourable impression with the resume that stands out.

Resume Referral
Resume Referral

Get connected with top employers to boost your career prospects.

Mock Interview
Mock Interview

Make yourself job ready with multiple in-depth mock interviews.

Job Ready
Job Readiness

Get ready to work from day one with multiple projects & best practices

Companies you could land up with
Companies you could land

Corporate Clients /

Offers made to

Projects developed
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Hours of classes

Customer Reviews

Apache Flink Training FAQs

How will you help me if I miss any session?

If you miss any session, you need not worry as we will not let you lose anything. All sessions will be recorded and recordings will be uploaded in LMS immediately as the session gets over. You can go through it and get your queries cleared from the instructor during next session. Alternatively you can attend the missed session in any other batch running parallely.

How will I do Flink practicals at home?

For performing practicals in Flink, Instructor will help you in setting virtual machine on your own system. LMS will contain manual to set virtual machine in case you want to go through the steps again.

How long will the Flink course recording be available with me?

There will be lifetime access to all the recorded sessions along with the complete study material, Flink POCs, Flink project etc.

What things do I need to attend online Flink Training?

For attending Flink online training, you just need a laptop or PC with a good internet connection of around 1 MBPS (But lesser speed of 512 KBPS will also work).

How can I get my doubts cleared post class gets over?

If you have any doubt during any session, you can get it cleared from the instructor immediately. If you get queries after the session, you can get it cleared from the instructor in the next session. Post training, you can post your query over discussion forum and our support team will assist you.

When will I get access to Learning Management System?

As soon as you enroll for the course, you will get lifetime access to LMS. Complimentary course will also be added immediately so that you can start learning immediately.

How this Flink training will help me in getting job?

Multiple workshops, POCs, project etc. will prepare you to the level that you can start working from day 1 wherever you go. Resume preparation and Flink interview questions will help you in facing interviews. We will also guide you with the job openings matching to your resume. All this will help you in landing your dream Flink job in Big Data industry.

What will be the end result of doing training on Flink?

You will gain thorough practical and theoretical knowledge that industry is looking for and will become Apache Flink professional who is ready to take Big Data requiring Flink Projects in your dream organisation.

How will I be able to interact with the instructor during Flink training?

Both voice and chat will be enabled during the online Flink training sessions to interact with the instructor.

Is this Flink classroom training or online?

This is completely online Flink training with a batch size of 8-10 students only. You will be able to interact with trainer through voice or chat and individual interaction and attention will be provided to all. So there will be complete environment of classroom learning.

Can I enroll now and join Flink classes in a later batch?

Yes you can register now and can join any upcoming future batches at any point of time.

What are the payment options?

You can do the payment via credit card, debit card or net banking through any of the banks. You can use our payment gateway Payu for payment in INR. For payments in USD, you can do via Paypal. We also have part payment option.

Is Hadoop knowledge compulsory to learn Apache Flink?

It is not compulsory to know Hadoop for learning Flink but Prior Hadoop knowledge will be advantageous. If you are not aware of Hadoop, we will assist you in learning Hadoop basics.

Why I should learn Apache Flink?

Apache Flink is a streaming dataflow engine. It is 4G of Big data and is faster than Apache Spark. The demand for faster data processing has been increasing and real-time streaming data processing appears to be the answer. While Apache Spark is still being used in a lot of organizations for big data processing, Apache Flink has been coming up fast as an alternative.