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Angular course offers a perfect blend of in-depth theoretical knowledge and strong practical skills via implementation of real-life Angular projects to give you a headstart and enable you to bag top Angular jobs in the industry.

Why should you enroll in this Angular Course?


3 Real-time projects + tons of live practicals

study material

70+ hrs of study material, quizzes & manuals


Practical oriented course with case-studies

lifetime access

Lifetime access of LMS with videos & material

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What you will take home from Angular Online Course

  • Learn how to develop professional websites
  • Grasp concepts of Angular
  • Become adept in web development
  • Understand the Angular architecture
  • Basics to advanced concepts of Angular
  • Develop real-time Angular applications
  • Projects with connectivity with back end like node/express.js
  • Master the advanced concepts like routing, pipes, i18N
  • Learn validations and testing
  • Work on live Angular project to get hands-on experience

Why should you learn Angular?

Angular ranked second in “most used technology” in the Stack Overflow Survey
-Stack Overflow
Developed, maintained, managed and monitored by Google Developers
– Google
Average base pay of an Angular Developers is more than INR 460,000 per year in India
Rapid application development, Plays a role of front end in MEAN stack development

What to do before you begin your Angular online training?

Although if you’d like, you can brush up on your skills with our complementary HTML material right in your LMS.

Course Prerequisites - DataFlair

Angular Course Curriculum

1. Diving into Angular
  1. What is Angular
  2. Angular or Angular JS?
  3. History and Version Releases
  4. Why Angular is most popular web development framework?
2. Getting Ready to Learn Angular
  1. Pre-requisite
  2. Software installation and configurations
  3. Upgrading the existing Angular version to the latest version
  4. Create the first Angular Application
3. Angular Architecture
  1. Building blocks of Angular
  2. Different Angular Modules
    • Component
    • Services
  3. Exploring first application - Hello-world
4. Working with Angular Components
  1. Customizing appComponent
  2. Data Binding
  3. Life Cycle of Component
  4. Adding new Component
5. Component Interaction and Lifecycle hooks
  1. Parent-Child component Structure
  2. @Input directive
  3. @Output directive
  4. Lifecycle hooks of components
6. Angular Directives
  1. Types of Directives
    • Components
    • Attribute Directives
    • Structural Directives
      • ngFor
      • ngIf
      • ngSwitchcase
      • ngClass and ngStyle
7. Angular Pipes
  1. Parent-Child component Structure  in Angular
  2. @Input directive
  3. @Output directive
  4. Lifecycle hooks of components
8. Working on Services
  1. Why and what is a Service
  2. Creation of services in Angular
  3. Utilizing Service
9. Demystifying HttpObservables
  1. What is Observable
  2. Implementing Observable Service
  3. Communicating with server via observable in Angular
10. Learning Routing in Angular
  1. What is routing
  2. Steps for creation of routing
  3. Route Matching Strategies
  4. Working with Route Parameters
  5. Working with Route Guards
  6. Working with Child Route
  7. Lazy Module Loading
11. Working with Forms and Reactive Forms
  1. Forms
    • Types of forms
    • Building blocks
    • Creating Forms
    • Data flow mechanism
  2. Reactive Forms
    • Building Reactive Form
    • Update elements
    • Working with FormGroup
    • Nested FormGroup
    • setValue and setPatch
    • Working with FormBuilder
    • Playing with Dynamic Form
12. Template Driven Forms
  1. Building Template Driven Forms
  2. Playing with two-way data binding using ngModel
  3. ngModel Validations
  4. Submitting the form
13. Apply Validations
  1. Implement Template Driven Form Validation
  2. Reactive Form Validation
  3. Develop Custom Validations
  4. Cross Field Validations
14. Working with i18N
  1. Need for i18N
  2. Step by step setup of i18N support
  3. Steps for i18N
  4. Demystifying language information file
  5. Managing configuration file
15. Testing & Debugging
  1. Importance of Testing & Debugging
  2. Types of testing in Angular
  3. Working on Karma
  4. How to test angular components and services
16. Real Life Angular Projects
Live Angular projects based on real industry scenarios. Work on real life problems and handle become industry ready

Awesome Angular projects you’ll get to build in this Angular course

Set Top Box Data Analysis

Learn to analyze Set-Top-Box data and generate insights about smart tv usage patterns. Analyze set top box media data and generate patterns of channel navigation and VOD. This Spark Project includes details about users’ activities tuning a channel or duration, browsing for videos, or purchasing videos using VOD.

Set Top Box Data Analysis Project

E-commerce Reviews Analysis

Learn to analyze e-commerce review data and generate various insights of products. Companies use these reports and patterns to understand the sentiments of users about their products. E-commerce reviews are made of fields like product-id, star-rating, reviews, timestamp, and reviewer-id.

E-commerce Reviews Analysis Project

Twitter Trends Analysis

Collect Twitter data in real-time and find out current trends in various categories. In this Apache Spark project, you will collect live Twitter streams and analyze them using Spark Streaming to generate insights like finding current trends in Politics, Finance, Entertainment, and such.

Twitter Trends Analysis Project

YouTube Data Analysis

Learn to analyze YouTube Data and generate insights like the 10 topmost videos in various categories, user demographics, no. of views, ratings and such. The data holds fields like id, age, category, length, views, ratings, and comments.

YouTube Data Analysis Project

Titanic Data Analysis

Titanic was one of the most colossal disasters in the history of mankind, and it happened because of both natural events and human mistakes. The objective of this Spark project is to analyze multiple Titanic data sets to generate essential insights pertaining to age, gender, survived, class, and embarked.

titanic data analysis project

Implementation of the Spark framework in different domains like retail, telecom, media, etc..

Angular Training Reviews

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Features of Angular Online Course

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Is this Angular Course for you?

Web development is the truth of today and Angular proves to be one of the most popular open-source web application frameworks. So while anyone can benefit from a career in it, here are the kind of professionals who go for this Angular course:

  • Software developers, project managers, and architects Software developers, and engineers
  • BI, ETL icon Sr/Jr Frontend developers
  • Mainframe and Testing logo System Architect
  • Business analysts logo UI/Ux Designers
  • DBAs and DB icon Professionals willing to learn web development
  • Big Data career logo Any graduate focusing to build a career in Angular

Companies you can expect when you get Angular-certified with us

Companies opportunities - DataFlair

Angular Course FAQ’s

How will I perform the Angular practicals at home?

For Angular practice, manual and video for Angular installation are available in LMS and you need to install it on your system at home.

How long will the Angular course recordings be available?

All the Angular training sessions along with the complete Angular study material, POCs, and Angular projects will be available for lifetime.

What things do I need to learn Angular through this course?

To attend this online Angular training, you just need a laptop or a PC with a minimum 4GB RAM. Nothing else is required to learn it.

How do I clear my Angular related doubts?

You can post your queries on the discussion forum. Our support team will be happy to assist you.

What are the system specifications required to learn Angular?

The recommendation is a minimum of an i3 processor, a 20 GB disk, and a 4 GB RAM for installing Angular.

How will this Angular course help me in getting a job?

Our Angular training includes multiple workshops, POCs, and projects. These will vigorously prepare you for Angular interviews so you can be confident in your work from day one. These things will help you get your dream Angular job in the industry.

What will the end result be of this online Angular training course?

When you finish this course, you will be equipped with practical skills and theoretical knowledge the industry looks for. You will bloom into a certified Angular professional who is ready to take on Angular Projects in top organizations.

Where do all the students come from?

DataFlair has a blend of students from across the globe. Apart from India, we provide training in the US, the UK, Singapore, Canada, UAE, France, Brazil, Ireland, Indonesia, Japan, Sri Lanka, and many others covering the globe.

Is this Angular training classroom-based or online?

This training is completely online and self-paced.

Will you be providing Angular certificate after the training?

Yes, you will be provided with an industry-recognizable certificate declaring your proficiency with Angular. At the end of this Angular course, you will work on real-time Angular projects. Once you have successfully made it through the projects, you will be awarded DataFlair Angular certificate.

How do I get in touch with you for further queries?

You are free to contact us by placing a call at +91-8451097879 or by dropping a mail to info@data-flair.training

Why should I learn Angular?

Angular is the latest and the most demanding technology with a continuously increasing demand in the Indian market and abroad. It is changing the world. So learn Angular to start a career in trending technologies.

What type of Angular projects will I be doing during the training?

You will be doing Angular real-life projects in different domains like retail, banking, and finance.

Do you provide placement assistance?

This Angular course from DataFlair is 100% job-oriented and will prepare you completely for interviews from Angular job perspective.

Can I attend a demo session before enrolling for this Angular course?

Yes, you can attend the Angular demo class recording on this course page itself to understand the quality of training we provide. This is what creates the difference between DataFlair and other online Angular training providers.

Can you guide me about the career aspects of Angular developers?

Angular is the technology that will open many doors for you. With Angular, you can be a:

  • Front End Developer
  • Software Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Software Architect