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      What is the difference between order by and sort by in Hive?
      Comparison between order by and sort by in Hive?

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      Basically, to fetch data in sorted order Hive sort by and order by commands are used in Apache Hive. But there are few differences such as:

      Order By Query


      SELECT [ALL | DISTINCT] select_expr, select_expr, …

      FROM table_reference

      [WHERE where_condition]

      [GROUP BY col_list]

      [HAVING having_condition]

      [ORDER BY col_list]]

      [LIMIT number];

      – In order to guarantee the total order in output, it uses a single reducer.

      – And, to minimize sort time, we can use the LIMIT.

      To learn Order by in detail, follow the link: HiveQL Select – Order By Query

      Sort by Query

      – While it comes to final output, it may use multiple reducers.

      – It only guarantees to order of rows within a reducer.

      – It may offer a partially ordered result.

      similarly, learn about Hive Sort by Query in detail: Hive Sort by

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