What is the difference between DAG and Lineage?

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      What is the difference between DAG and Lineage? Please explain with example

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      To understand the difference better, we will discuss each topic one by one:

      Lineage graph
      As we know, that whenever a series of transformations are performed on an RDD, they are not evaluated immediately, but lazily(Lazy Evaluation). When a new RDD has been created from an existing RDD, that new RDD contains a pointer to the parent RDD. Similarly, all the dependencies between the RDDs will be logged in a graph, rather than the actual data. This graph is called the lineage graph.

      Now coming to DAG,

      Directed Acyclic Graph(DAG)
      DAG in Apache Spark is a combination of Vertices as well as Edges. In DAG vertices represent the RDDs and the edges represent the Operation to be applied on RDD. Every edge in DAG is directed from earlier to later in a sequence.When we call anAction, the created DAG is submitted to DAG Scheduler which further splits the graph into the stages of the task.

      To learn in detail, go through the link mentioned below:
      Directed Acyclic Graph DAG in Apache Spark

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