What are the basics data access operations in HBase?

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      # put : inserts (add / update) the data into rows

      # get : access the data from one row

      # scan : access the data from the range of rows

      # delete : delete a row or range

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      Some of the basic operations of HBase are :

      1. get

      This command helps to get a row or cell contents. Also, this command helps to pass the table , row, name and optionally a dictionary of column(s), timerange, timestamp as well as versions.

      2. put

      This command puts a cell ‘value’ at specified table/row/column as well as optionally timestamp coordinates.

      3. delete

      Whereas, it puts a delete cell value at specified table/row/column and optionally timestamp coordinates.

      4. deleteall

      This command deletes all cells in a given row; pass a table name, row, and optionally a column and timestamp.

      5. Scan
      To view the data in HTable this command is used. we can get the table data with this command.

      However, there are many more commands you can learn in HBase, follow link: HBase Commands – General, Data Definition, & Data Manipulation

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