Ways to create a table in HBase

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      In HBase, tables can be created by two ways :

      # Using HBase shell

      # Using Java API

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      In HBase, it is possible to create a Table in two ways:

      i. HBase Create Table
      ii. Creating a Table Using Java API

      So, let’s learn both in brief:

      i. HBase Create Table
      With the help of Create command, we can create a table in HBase. But as a condition, we need to specify the table name and the Column Family name to create one.


      create ‘<table name>’,’<column family>’

      ii. Creating a Table Using Java API
      Else we can use createTable() method of HBaseAdmin class for creating a table. To do so, steps are:

      Step1: Instantiate HBaseAdmin

      Do instantiate the Configuration class. Then also pass this instance to HBaseAdmin, since the class needs the Configuration object as a parameter:

      Configuration conf = HBaseConfiguration.create();

      HBaseAdmin admin = new HBaseAdmin(conf);

      Step2: Create TableDescriptor

      Step 3: Execute through Admin

      with the help of createTable() method of HBaseAdmin class, it is possible to execute the created table in Admin mode.


      However, to learn all Table Management Commands in HBase, follow the link: Table Management Commands in HBase

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