Hive DDL commands :

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      > DDL – Data Defination Language –> Used to define database schema.

      1—> CREATE
      2—> DROP
      3—> ALTER
      4—> SHOW
      5—> DESCRIBE
      6—> TRUNCATE

      More details is as follows :

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      DataFlair Team

      Basically, as above answer, there are several types of Hive DDL commands, we commonly use in Apache Hive. such as:

      – Create Database Statement
      – Hive Show Database
      – Drop database
      – Creating Hive Tables
      – Browse the table
      – Altering and Dropping Tables
      – Hive Select Data from Table
      – Hive Load Data

      But here is a link through which we can learn all these commands in detail; follow the link: Hive DDL Commands : Types of DDL Hive Commands

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