Anish Gupta

Got job in Morgan Stanley as fresher just after completion of training
The training session was very informative. When I started the training I had no clue about the situation that I’ll be the only college student in the batch. But after the completion of training and appreciation for my performance I understood that working in this technology further would lead me to a very bright career. Thanks to the trainer and the team of Dataflair for creating such an informative course. “The course content pretty much covers all the aspects of Hadoop. Keeping the strict norm to actually code in Java encourages everyone to learn it as we get native environment to code in because of Java.
A solid foundation to Hadoop was laid in the initial five to six lectures which were really beneficial. The pace of the course is very ideal for those who put in ample amount of hard work.
The LMS is a very good resource but individual should be cautious on how to use it. All solutions are available there but in my view if an individual is focused he/she should first give a sincere try to all the assignments.
Overall a very good and informative course content and material is very efficient.I had never trained under a person who is working hands on in the industry. I learnt a lot as his examples were not from the books but from his hands on experience and problems he faced in the industry. He made us pretty comfortable with Hadoop and its ecosystem.
His pace is just ideal keeping in view about all the students and he encourages to ask questions time to time. Assignments given by him are just ideal to get more insight into the topic and by solving POC’s I got much more exposure to MapReduce and I also came across a variety of errors.
Sir always made sure that all doubts were cleared before proceeding further.”

Anish Gupta
Student at Nit Calicut
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