Abhishek Bedichandani

Hadoop Training DataFlair were nicely organized .The contents in slides is up to date and easy to understand .The practical sessions conducted gave correct and precise working knowledge about hadoop. Hadoop blog provided by Dataflair is highly informative and knowledgeable. The course and study material is very helpful .The slides cover up most concepts .I have regularly referred to blogs of hadoop in Dataflair website .Also other topics like linux have also been covered in great details which is highly beneficial to learn and master in it .From LMS ,I have gone through Java and the way it has been explained ,it has made learning java so much easier and comfortable .Kudos to Dataflair Team to create and manage the blog so effectively . The trainer was efficient and had good knowledge about the concepts of hadoop .The knowledge shared by instructor and the blog provided is the best part provided by Dataflair. The training provided was highly effective and efficient to get knowledge about hadoop.

Abhishek Bedichandani hadoop & spark training review
Abhishek Bedichandani
System Analyst at Tata Consultancy Services Mumbai
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