Radhika Aggarwal

The overall Hadoop training experience at DataFlair is good.The trainer is approachable and makes things easier to understand. The best part was the Hadoop quizzes and real-time Hadoop projects that make learning deeper. Will definitely like to take more courses from DataFlair and will suggest it to others as well.   Radhika Aggarwal Software Test[…]

Prashant jadhav

It was overall a great experience to learn Hadoop from dataflair. Learned all the deep aspect theoretically plus practically. Tutor having great knowledge about each n every aspect of training. Nope, of course, is lacking we have blogs n forums on data flair website so that makes all even Anish is full of knowledge and[…]

Shuchi Pandey

The overall Hadoop training experience at DataFlair was great. Theory and practicals were balanced perfectly and explanations were descriptive which helped in clearing the concepts behind it. Material and course content is sufficient for a good start. Anish sir puts in his best in every class, his efforts can be seen everytime he teaches. The[…]

Shivam Tripathi

I enjoyed the overall DataFlair Hadoop training session. Anish sir described all concepts in great detail after getting confidence in theory as well as practicals. One thing that encouraged me always that sir always forced to do yourself and leads towards positivity and motivated by success tales. I really got a guru. As a (5th-semester[…]

Chandrasheker Shivvolla

Let me share DataFlair Hadoop training review that I took last month. I liked the total training as Anish sir explanation is too good, every concept he explained very clearly. I have experience of other institutes also, I never find anywhere this type of quality. The faculty is fabulous and mock interviews and interview preparation[…]

Sangita Ghosal

The overall DataFlair Hadoop training experience is very good. It was more than what I expected it to be. The best part was the way Anish Sir presented and explained everything. The course content and study material were helpful. The trainer Anish Sir explained everything very effectively and in a detailed manner. He was able[…]

Vigya Chaturvedi

Overall Hadoop training experience at DataFlair was really good. Each and every topic was covered fully. I was worried to attend the online course, but Anish sir made the training environment so enthusiast that I feel motivated to learn Big data & Hadoop. One of the best things about dataflair is that they don’t advertise[…]

Sathwik Jovonolla

It was really a great Hadoop course at DataFlair. I felt it was kind of pro version of Hadoop course that I have done in my Masters. Course content and material was quite helpful. Anish everyday class, blog and interview questions are highlights of this course. As mentioned on the dataflair site, everything went the[…]

Anand Barnwal

DataFlair is best Institute for learning Big Data related Course. I reached out to DataFlair from Quora and I can say that my decision was right. The way Anish Sir taught us, it’s great and energetic. His way of speaking and presentation are perfect. I have cleared all my doubt in between live session and[…]

Shivam Shukla

Let me share my DataFlair training review. I found the complete training very interesting and got a good exposure. Course content has the rich knowledge, rich enough to spend months researching on it. One can’t get a better trainer for Bigdata and Hadoop than Anish. Practical sessions were the best part. The way trainer solved[…]