What is the role of File System ?

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      • In order to manage data on computer, one has to interact with the File System directly or indirectly.
      • When we install Hadoop on our computer, actually there are two file system exists on machine
        (1) Local File System 
        (2) HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System)
      • HDFS is sits top on of Local File System.

      Following are the genera functions of File System (be it Local or HDFS)

      • Control the data access mechanism (i.e how data stored and retrived)
      • Manages the metadata about the Files / Folders (i.e. created date, size etc)
      • Grants the access permission and manage the securities
      • Efficiently manage the storage space

      For more details, please follow: HDFS

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      DataFlair TeamDataFlair Team
      • File system manages user data that is how data is read, write and accessed.
      • FS is the structure behind how our system stores and organizes data.
      • FS stores all the information bout the file (metadata) like file name, the length of the contents of a file, and the location of the file in the folder hierarchy—separate from the contents of the file.
      • The main role of FS is to make sure that what/whoever is accessing the data and whatever action is taken the structure remains consistent.

      For more details, please follow: HDFS

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