How to Install Ubuntu on Virtual Box – Step by Step guide 3

1. Objective

This step by step tutorial will explain how to install Ubuntu on virtual box. learn how to create ubuntu virtual machine. virtual box provides virtualization framework using which we can run guest OS in parallel to host operating system. This could be useful when certain setups/services cannot be configured on host OS. Alternatively, you can create virtual machine and install Ubuntu using VMWare Player

2. How To Install Ubuntu On Virtual Box?

Before starting you need to install Virtual Box, follow this tutorial to install virtual box on Windows / Mac

2.1. Open Virtual Box

How to install ubuntu on virtual box-Open Vitual Box

2.2. Click on “New” to create virtual machine

How to install ubuntu on virtual box-To Create a New Machine

2.3. Enter Name for your Virtual Machine

Enter the name for your Virtual Machine (Ex: dataflair)

How to install ubuntu on virtual box-Create a Name for Virtual Machine

2.4. Select “Linux” Operating System from “Type”

Chose OS for Virtual Machine

2.5. Click “Next”

Now create virtual machine

2.6. Enter amount of memory (RAM) =1024 MB and click “Next”

Select the RAM size for your Virtual Machine

2.7. Click “Create” to create hard drive

Create Virtual Machine

2.8. Click “Next”

let the options be default ie hard drive file type VDI (virtual disk image)

Create Virtual Hard Drive

2.9. Click “Next”

let the options be the default (Dynamically allocated)

Storage on Physical Hard Drive

2.10. Enter Size of Virtual Hard Drive= 20 GB and Click “Create”

File Location and Size

2.11. Select Virtual Machine

Now on the left-hand side Select Virtual Machine (Ex: dataflair)

Select Machine Created by You

2.12. Click on “Start” to start the virtual machine

Start Using New Machine

2.13. Select disk file source

Please Select disk file source by clicking on the folder icon to start installation of OS.

Select Start up Disk

2.14. After selecting the OS file to be installed click “Open”

Operating System

2.15. Click “Start”

Start Disk

2.16. Click “Ok”

Virtual Box Warning

2.17. Click “Install Ubuntu”

Start Installation

2.18. Click “Continue”

Preparing to Install Hadoop

2.19. Click “Install Now”

Installation Type

2.20. Click “Continue”

Changing Disk Rights

2.21. Select location and click “Continue”


2.22. Select keyboard layout & click “Continue”

Keyboard Layout

2.23. Fill all the details and Click “Continue”

Who are you

2.24. Now the installation process will start and installation window will appear

Installing Ubuntu

2.25. Click “Restart Now”

After the completion of the installation process, a message will appear to restart the system, click Restart Now.

Restart Machine

2.26. When the system will get restarted the following message will appear. Press “Enter”

Message Window

2.27. Close the pop-up messages by clicking on the Close (×) button

Welcome to Ubuntu

3. Steps To Maximize The Size Of Ubuntu Desktop

3.1. Go to “Devices”

Open Devices on Virtual Box

3.2. Click “Insert Guest Additions CD Image…”

Insert Guest Additions CD Image

3.3. Click “Run”

Run Software

3.4. Click “Authenticate”


3.5. Press “Enter”

“VirtualBox Guest Additions installation” process will start and after the completion of the installation process you will get a message “Press Return to close this window”. Press “Enter” after reading this message.

Virtual Box Additions Installation

3.6. Now “Restart” your system for the changes to be applied.


3.7. After the system gets restarted. Go to “View”

Full screen option

3.8. Click “Switch to Fullscreen”

Switch to Fullscreen

3.9. Click “Switch”

Full Screen Mode

Congratulations You have successfully created Virtual machine and installed Ubuntu OS Oracle Virtual Box

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