Top 5 Apache Spark Certifications for your Spark Career

1. Objective

Recently, Apache Spark is extremely popular in the big data world. Moreover, there are hundreds of online resources to learn Spark. Basically, This popularity totally defines the demand for Apache Spark developers. And, to be one is possible though Apache Spark Certifications.

Apart from your practical knowledge of Spark, companies prefer certified candidates to hire. There are plenty of  Apache Spark Certifications available.  you can do any of them to become eligible for Spark related jobs. Here, we will discuss some good Apache Spark Certifications.  Before that, we will also learn about the reasons to do Apache Spark Certifications.

Apache Spark Certifications

2. Some Reasons to Become a Certified Spark Developer

  • While you think to start a career in the big data world, then this should be your First step to get the best spark certification. It will definitely, give your career a kickstart.
  • As soon as you get certified through spark, you have the validation of your Spark skills. That will help as almost all the companies are looking for it.
  • It is very easy to acquire Spark certification preparation. Since there are multiple ways you can get certified.
  • The most important reason behind Getting certified is it gives you a distinct edge over your peers. Since there is tough competition outside.

3. Best Apache Spark Certifications

1. Cloudera Spark and Hadoop Developer

The feature which separates this certification process is involvement of Hadoop technology. Basically, It is best for those who want to work on both simultaneously.  In addition, This certification includes some diverse number of topics. For example Flume, HDFS, Spark with Scala and Python, Avro, Sqoop, Avro, and Impala. Moreover,  the questions asked in the certification test based on programming aptitude. Furthermore, That can be anywhere within the range of 10 to 15.

Time Duration: 2hrs.

Cost of Exam: $295

Follow the below-mentioned link to Official Page:

2. HDP Certified Apache Spark Developer

One of the best certifications that you can get in Spark is Hortonworks HDP certified Apache Spark developer. Basically, they will test your Spark Core knowledge as well as Spark Data Frames in this certification. In addition, Those who are considering it very easy, it is not a simple multiple-choice question exam.  Furthermore, This exam will check your skills to perform programming tasks on Spark cluster thoroughly.

Time Duration: 2 hours

Cost of Exam: $250

Follow the below-mentioned link to Official Page:

3. MapR Certified Spark Developer

This is one of the best certification because it is designed for all who are interested to work with Spark. There is no condition to be a programmer, an engineer or a developer for this.  Also, helps you to evaluate your Spark skills. With a focus on programming related tasks, there are 60-80 questions in the exam using production level Spark. Furthermore, The only requirement for this certification is Java and Scala programming experience.

Time Duration: 2 hrs.

Cost of Exam: $250

Follow the below-mentioned link to Official Page:

4. Databricks Apache Spark Certifications

First and Foremost, you need to know either Scala or Python for this certification. On comparing to the HDP certification, Databricks certification is relatively different. Moreover, This tests only your programming Skills in Spark. Since entire exam covers programming section only. Ultimately, your overall knowledge will be tested here.

Time Duration: 1 hr. 30 mins.

Cost of Exam: $300

Follow the below mentioned link to Official Page:

5. O’Reilly Developer Apache Spark Certifications

The best part of this certification process is the collaboration of Databricks and O’Reilly. Somehow, It seems very similar to the Databricks certification. Although, there is also some input from the O’Reilly media editorial team. Basically, we have seen one thing that if you want to stand out of the crowd, It is a good choice.

Time Duration: 1 hr. 30 mins.

Cost of Exam: $300

Follow the below mentioned link to Official Page:

4. Conclusion

As a result, we have mentioned all the best Apache Spark Certifications on this blog. Moreover, we have also covered the reasons to do Spark Certifications. Hence, Spark certifications will give a boost to your Career. Still, if you feel any queries, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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