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Apache Kafka Tutorial – Kafka For Beginners 2

1. Kafka Tutorial Today, we are starting our new journey, with this Apache Kafka Tutorial. In this Kafka tutorial, we will see what is Kafka, Apache Kafka history, why Kafka. Moreover, we will learn Kafka Architecture, components of Kafka and Kafka Partition. Also, we will discuss various comparisons in Kafka and Kafka use cases. Along with this, we will see various terms in this Kafka tutorial such as Kafka Broker, Kafka Cluster, Kafka Consumer, Kafka Topics etc. So, let’s begin […]

Kafka Tutorial

MongoDB Environment Setup | Install MongoDB on Windows

MongoDB Environment Setup | Install MongoDB on Windows

1. Objective In previous MongoDB Tutorial, we discussed¬†advantages and limitations of MongoDB. In this MongoDB Environment setup Tutorial, we will see how to setup environment for MongoDB on your Windows OS. Also, we will learn how to install MongoDB. 2. Steps for MongoDB Environment Setup on Windows MongoDB Environment Setup is very easy for Windows OS. To do environment setup, you will have to follow few simple steps. Know your Windows architecture Download MongoDB setup file Install MongoDB setup Set […]

Top 5 Apache Kafka Books | Complete Guide To Learn Kafka 2

1. Objective In our last Apache Kafka Tutorial, we discussed Kafka Features. Today, in this Kafka Tutorial, we will see 5 famous Apache Kafka Books. Here, we come up with the best 5 Apache Kafka books, especially for big data professionals.¬†Hence, we have organized the absolute best books to learn Apache Kafka to take you from a complete novice to an expert user. Even if you are looking for a career as Kafka developer or Kafka professionals, we are sure […]

Apache Kafka Books

Pig Architecture

Apache Pig Architecture – Learn Pig Hadoop Working

1. Apache Pig Architecture In order to write a Pig script, we do require a Pig Latin language. Moreover, we need an execution environment to execute them. So, in this article “Introduction to Apache Pig Architecture”, we will study the complete architecture of Apache Pig. It includes its components, Pig Latin Data Model and Pig Job Execution Flow in depth. 2. What is Apache Pig Architecture? In Pig, there is a language we use to analyze data in Hadoop. That […]