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Future of Artificial Intelligence – AI Scope and Career Opportunities

1. Objective In this blog, we will study about future of Artificial Intelligence to learn the scope and career opportunities of AI in real industry. Will start with AI introduction, AI applications, examples, AI career and job profiles in AI. Moreover, will see practical examples for better understanding. 2. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence “The science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs”. Also, intelligence distinguish us from everything in the world. As it has the ability to […]

Java Syntax - introduction

Java Syntax to Learn Java Programming 2

1. Objective In this Java tutorial, we are going to learn about the basic syntax used in Java language. A syntax for any language is the set of rules by which the language is governed and ruled, written and interpreted. By the end of java syntax tutorial, we will be able to learn Java and write basic Java programs. 2. Introduction of Java Syntax Java has many features and own set of syntax rules, structure, and programming paradigm. The Java programming paradigm is […]

Learn Python Recursion with Examples

1. Python Recursion A few lessons back, we introduced you to Functions in Python. In that, we saw how to define our own functions, how to call them, and also learned some in-built functions. The last topic we discussed in brief was recursion in python. In this python tutorial, we will expand python recursion with syntax and examples for better understanding. 2. Introduction to Recursion in Python According to the Oxford English Dictionary, recursion is the repeated application of a […]

Recursion in Python