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Java Tutorial to Learn Java Programming

1. Java Tutorial – Objective In this Java tutorial, we are going to learn about java evolution, development of Java language, java features, Java frameworks, and Java support systems. Java tutorial covers various development tools, classes in Java programming, and Java methods which comprises the Java environment. This tutorial on java will help you get a quick insight into the Java programming language and thus, help you learn java language. 2. Introduction to Java Programming Language Java Programming is a general-purpose object-oriented […]

Java Tutorial - java language

Spark Tutorial – Learn Spark Programming

1. Objective In this Spark Tutorial, we will see an overview of Spark Big Data. We will start with an introduction to Apache Spark Programming. Then we will move to know the Spark History. Moreover, we will learn why Spark is needed. Afterwards, will cover all fundamental of Spark components. Furthermore, we will learn about Spark’s core abstraction and Spark RDD. For more detailed insights, we will also cover spark features, Spark limitations and Spark Use cases.  2. Introduction to Spark Programming […]

Neural Network in Artificial Intelligence

1. Objective In this blog, we will learn Neural Network in Artificial Intelligence. Also, will study Neural Network structures and types of NN. Along with this, will learn neural network working. Further, will use images for the better representation and understanding. 2. Introduction to Neural Network in Artificial Intelligence ANN stands for artificial neural networks. Basically, it’s a computational model. That is based on structures and functions of biological neural networks. Although, the structure of ANN affected by a flow […]

Python List Comprehension

Python List Comprehension with Syntax and Examples

1. Python List Comprehension Previously, we discussed about Lists in Python. In that tutorial, we mentioned that we can use a list comprehension to create a list. Today, we’ll expand on Python list Comprehension. 2. Introduction of Python List Comprehension To get comprehensions back into memory, we’ll take a quick example. Suppose you want to take the letters in the word ‘anxiety’, and want to put them in a list. Remember that a python string is an iterable. Using a for loop, […]