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Top 65 Apache Spark Interview Questions and Answers 4

Objective This Apache Spark Interview Questions and Answers blog lists commonly asked and important interview questions & answers of Apache Spark which you should prepare. Each question has the detailed answer, which will make you confident to face the interviews of Apache Spark. This guide lists frequently asked questions with tips to cracks the interview. Before going forward on interview question follow this guide to refresh your knowledge of Apache Spark. List of Apache Spark Interview Questions and Answers 1) What is Apache Spark? View […]

Apache Spark Interview Questions and Answers DataFlair

Features of Hadoop HDFS

Features of Hadoop HDFS – An Overview for Beginners 1

1. Objective This tutorial explains what are the features of Hadoop HDFS. Hadoop Distributed File System(HDFS) is the world’s most reliable storage system, which can store a large quantity of structured as well as unstructured data. HDFS provides reliable storage of data with its unique feature of Data Replication. HDFS is highly fault-tolerant, reliable, available, scalable, distributed file system. To work with HDFS follow this command guide. 2. HDFS Introduction HDFS is a distributed file system which provides redundant storage […]

Apache Flume Tutorial – Flume Introduction, Features & Architecture 3

1. Objective Apache flume is an open source data collection service for moving the data from source to destination. In this Apache Flume tutorial, we will discuss what is Apache Flume, what is the need of Flume, features of Apache Flume. This tutorial also covers the architecture of flume, how Flume works and various advantages of Apache Flume. 2. Apache Flume Tutorial – Introduction Apache Flume is a tool used to collect, aggregate and transports large amounts of streaming data like log […]

Apache Flume Introduction Tutorial Training