Introduction to Apache Spark – Video Tutorial 6

This video tutorial explains basics of Apache Spark. This quick start takes you through Apache Spark, Spark terminologies, RDDs, Transformations, Actions, internals of spark architecture, basics of spark streaming and spark sql.

Below is the list of topics covered in the tutorial

  1. What and why of Big Data
  2. Different Big Data solutions available on the planet
  3. comparison between different big data technologies
  4. limitations with MapReduce.
  5. Need of Apache spark – general purpose cluster computing engine
  6. Introduction to Apache Spark
  7. Spark features and internals of Spark architecture
  8. Spark ecosystem – Spark core, Spark streaming, Spark SQL, MLlib, GraphX
  9. Spark abstraction – RDDs
  10. Transformation and Action.

Next steps:
Install Apache spark on Ubuntu
Spark beginners guide for data processing examples

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